Behind every financial transaction there is a great relationship

Unleash the potential by aligning finance plans and customer relationship

Our financial service industry solution help financiers to understand customer needs and analyse data to manage risks and take right decisions  

Solution focused segments

Retail Banking CRM - Assets & Liabilities 

Insurance & Claims


Corporate Financial Services 

Peer to Peer Lending


Micro-Finance & Micro-lending

Investment & Mutual Funds 

Credit Union  

Non-Banking Financial Facilitators 


Solution Features : Financial Service Vertical 

We have designed Financial services solution using which delivers experiences that drive client loyalty.

Turn financial goals into lifelong Customer relationships 


Our solution helps end users to actively collaborate and access all relevant data in one central location so you can spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time focusing on client relationships. We have also designed technology which addresses regulatory compliance with confidence. 

Lead Management, Customer Onboarding & Retention:

Prospect profiling along with assessment and qualification framework, need analysis reports coupled with Lead Crystallisation. Intelligence to upsell / cross sell, top-up and other offerings from customer repayment behavior

Credit Checklist and Underwriting Automation

Entire Credit Engine Implementation & Loan Application Processing for financial and credit check automation along with integration with credit information companies like CIBIL, HighMark , Equifax for efficient screening and de-risking 

High Risk Indicators & Credit Scoring Model

Auto capture of Risk assessments related to financial compliances set, deviation control along with scoring model for approvals and risk mitigation capture

Performance KPI Framework

Banking KPI and Financial Ratios, Revenue Performance Model with focused offerings. Highlights on non-performing assets, demography performance and risks, influx of customers, cost-benefit analysis along with offering campaign performance

Sanction Automation Process with Decision Matrix and Rejection Module

Straight-through-pass automated sanction based on application performance captured through dynamic decision matrix framework. Deviation pool for Manual intervention and Rejections based on different offering types

Disbursement module with Repayment & Collection Models

Auto capture of disbursements through Core Banking integrations, along with demand list generation. Auto assignments for collection, update of repayment and aggregation of defaulters. Risk indicators on repayments and predictive mitigation highlights within the system

Product Offering Configurations 

Liability Product Offerings and Account Management for Savings, Current , Recurring and Fixed Deposits . Core Banking Systems and e-Wallet / Card Integrations through flexible APIs. Offering and Product Configuration with dynamic real-time commercial mapping and market performance

Insurance & Investment Solution Stack

Customer Investment Profiling and Prospect Management  for Insurance and Mutual Funds .Claim Management and Incidence Management Modules. CRM modules for Different Insurance Offerings in Health, Life and Vehicles coupled with Mutual Fund provisions and updates

Case Study : Jana Bank

JanaBank scales with Salesforce and KVP to reach more of the urban poor