Automate new product development (NPD) process for worlds largest consumer goods company to gain 20% market share in using

Industry: Retail, Solution: Revenue growth, SFDC product: Platform ( 


$ 2.5 bn consumer goods firm with diverse portfolio of fashion accessories which includes watches, jewellery, perfumes and niche and high end apparel  

Our customer is a leading manufacturer and retailer of French perfumery brand. They are currently retailing over 20 brands of perfumes with a goal to gain 20% market share in their operating markets by 2022.

The need was to bring process automation and collaboration across multi-department to unleash their potential to scale their business. The project goal was to launch a system which helps them streamline and accelerate their innovation/ new product development and launch process.


Our customer had disparate systems which lacked collaboration and real time visibility of new product launches. The idea was to enhance speed of new product innovation and product release using collaborative technology.


We offered platform solution to automate key processes from marketing brief to product planning, vendor management and communication, packaging, quality management to dispatch.


We automated 12 key processes, 75 stages, sub-stages and activities across 8 departments to meet the objective. 



Overall new product development time was 395 days and now using platform, the goal is to reduce the new product development cycle by 40%


With platform our Customers NPD product managers are able to track the new product roll-outs accurately with well defined automated workflow to govern processes and SLA’s accurately and identify the bottle-necks proactively.


Effective collaboration internally and externally with vendors which helped our customer get accurate visibility on the entire process