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Salesforce - Whatsapp connector  

Use simplicity of Whatsapp and power of to improve communication to all stakeholders: Now employees, customers, vendors, suppliers and any associated stakeholders can receive Whatsapp message based on data points defined in

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Tech Architect 

Ashim - Google Voice

Improve adoption using voice command to create and update Our ready to use connector can help your users to leverage Google Voice / Google Home technology to create and update records

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Pankaj - Amazon Alexa connector

Connect and Alexa for better utilisation and end user experience. The connector is designed to create, update and modify records, get daily updates of key report and dashboards

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Sagar - Back-up and archival solution


Our automated archival solution helps customers to optimise the data utilisation in We have automated a policy driven back-up / archival solution which can effectively manage data utilisation across org

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Chakresh, Bishal, Samarth and Yashoda - Google maps connector for field sales

Google maps bring great visualisation combined with strong platform presents a huge advantage to our customers to improve user interface, better data driven decision making for their users and hence better adoption

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ChatBOT: - Google Dialog Flow integration is as effective as its usage. With Google Dialog flow in combination with helps internal and external users to engage with using the data better, improve collaboration, helping users to be more productive and access to the right data

Using Google Dialog Flow, we can enable end customers, partners, distributors engage with organisation faster and build contextual communication with integration with 

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