Retail is all about building Customer trust and loyalty at scale 

Unleash the potential by aligning physical and digital stores to understand customer and manage customer engagements like never before.  

Our retail and distribution industry solution help retailers to reach out to shoppers with the right offer, at the right time.

Smart Marketing 

Drive all display, search, and social advertising from a single integrated platform. Personalise every path-to-purchase with Marketing Cloud

Retailer Onboarding

Dealer and Retailer onboarding with categorisation, key account maintenance, contact mapping and activation

Prospect flow management with lead identification through several channels like social media, WhatsApp, websites, portals and qualification assignments through various campaigns

Product Configuration and Product Catalogue

Business unit classification, product creation and master maintenance, data sync with ERP systems, bonded made to order (MTO) registrations,  made to sell (MTS) item creation and registration, along with tactical and technical feasibility approvals

Order Management

Key Customer and Dealer order registration through online portal and various channels, minimum order thresholds, demography capture, and order status management

Pricing & Discount Modules

Pricing specifications with product mapping facilitating various types of discounts such as special pricing(MTO), cash and trade discounts, standard discounts (MTS), as well as roll-over and early bird discounts with defined pricing framework validations and threshold calculations

Dynamic Field Sales for Distribution

System supported enhanced distribution optimisation through permanent journey planners through geo-tagging for sales users, seconded by approved beat plans, 360 degree demographic view of retailer and dealer performance, conditional highlighting depending on sales volume, focussed volume and engagement outcomes. Factored with field sales are automated expense management for sales users along with hand-held order management

Strengthen Market Place 

Transform digital commerce and reinvent the store and business model

Make the shopping experience seamless across the web, social, mobile, and stores. Enable omni-channel order management capabilities that let shoppers buy anywhere and retailers sell and fulfil anywhere

Multi-channel Customer Support 

Deliver smarter, faster and improve quality of customer service

Drive genuine conversations with shoppers in their preferred channels. Personalise every interaction and empower agents to respond faster with the information they need to turn today's shopper into a customer for life

Case Study : World's Leading Life Style Brand

Automate  new product development process to gain 20% market share in using